HBCP Tools

Many of the outputs of the HBCP take the form of online tools to facilitate research, synthesise evidence and predict outcomes. Some of these have arisen directly from the project, whereas others have arisen from research linked to the HBCP.

Tools developed by the HBCP

  1. HBCP Study Findings and Research Browser Tools: 1) To find relevant studies in a given area and, 2) where study reports have had detailed information extracted using the BCIO, to search for studies using that information.
  2. Behaviour Change Intervention Ontology (BCIO) search and visualisation tools: To find entities in the BCIO, explore the BCIO and its branches, and see how entities in the BCIO relate to each other.
  3. HBCP Outcome Prediction Tool: To predict smoking cessation outcomes using information about the content and delivery of interventions, the population, setting and methodological features of the study.
  4. Paper Authoring Tool: To write intervention evaluation reports (for randomised trials and feasibility studies) and protocols to ensure that all relevant information is reported in a way that can be easily accessed.

Tools linked to the HBCP

  1. Theory and Techniques Tool: To map behaviour change techniques onto their hypothesised mechanisms of action.
  2. Behaviour Change Technique Training Tool: To help code descriptions of intervention content using the BCTTv1 taxonomy.
  3. Behaviour Change Theory Database Exploration Tool: To explore and compare behaviour change theories represented ontologically.
  4. AI in Public Health Decisions Toolkit: To help those who need it to make decisions around using Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems for Public Health, an extension to the HBCP, funded by the Wellcome Trust.