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Dr. Francesca Bonin IBM

Dr. Francesca Bonin


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Francesca Bonin is a Research Scientist at IBM Research Ireland, working on Cognitive Computing and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

She holds a PhD in Natural Language Processing at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), a MSc. in Language Technologies and a B.A. in Digital Humanities from the University of Pisa (Italy).

Her research interests includes NLP, Social Signal Processing, Multimodal Interaction and AI. Recently she has been part of the IBM Debater Project, focusing on debating technology.

Before joining IBM, she has been focusing on Information Extraction and social signal processing from dialogues and meetings.

She has been co-chair of several workshops on Multimodal Interaction and she currently serves the community as program committee member of the main international conferences in NLP and Speech Technologies.
Dr. Léa A. Deleris IBM

Dr. Léa A. Deleris


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Léa A. Deleris is a Research Staff Member and Manager at IBM Research-Ireland.

In her current position, she oversees a team of researchers working on projects related to health care and social care leveraging cognitive computing technologies such as artificial intelligence, decision sciences and natural language processing. She is also the local cognitive computing lead for IBM Research – Ireland, coordinating internally and externally the lab activities and exposure in that domain

Her personal research interests lie in decision theory, risk analysis and natural language processing. Her work presents a mixture of applied and conceptual work, including (i) leveraging natural language processing techniques to facilitate the retrieval of risk information and its aggregation into decision support models, (ii) applications of analytics to help care workers make better decisions in the social care domain and (iii) investigating ways to make decision making more cognitive and thereby more accessible.
Dr Ailbhe Finnerty University College London

Dr Ailbhe Finnerty

University College London

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Ailbhe is a Research Associate at UCL working on this project. Her PhD, completed at the University of Trento, Italy, focused on using more advanced research methodology and techniques for collecting and analysing data, from computer science disciplines, to study social behaviours and phenomenon. The aim was to examine psychological phenomenon, once carried out in the lab, in a wider social context, to be able to reliably and unobtrusively measure social behaviour, such as, communication and interaction through wearable sensors, social media and mobile phone data.

Prior to joining UCL, she worked for a digital marketing agency where she had the opportunity to apply knowledge from her research on understanding human behaviour to real life business cases. She has research experience and an interest in wide range of topics, such as, behaviour change interventions, computational methods of understanding personality, social networking and social media, crowdsourcing and the virtual workplace, organisational psychology and the role of nonverbal behaviour in social settings.
Dr. Debasis Ganguly IBM

Dr. Debasis Ganguly


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Debasis is a researcher at IBM Research Labs, Dublin, Ireland. He completed his PhD and postdoctoral research at the ADAPT centre, Dublin City University. His research interests primarily include incorporating term relationships, including the use of topic models and word/document vector embeddings, into retrieval and feedback models for improving search effectiveness. He is also interested in cross-language and multilingual document search, a particular example of which is the case of retrieving relevant information from a collection of code mixed documents.

He serves as the program committee member of top-tier conferences, e.g. SIGIR, NAACL, NLDB etc. He is also actively engaged in organizing workshops on recent topics in information retrieval and natural language processing.

As a researcher, he is keen to commercialize his research with industry partnerships. In the past, he was actively involved in managing academia-industry partnership projects.
Dr. Yufang Hou IBM

Dr. Yufang Hou


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Yufang Hou is a research staff member at IBM Research Ireland and she is currently working on extracting information from scientific research papers in the smoking cessation domain. Her primary research interest lies in the the area of natural language processing (NLP) where she focuses on the tasks of natural language understanding in the discourse level, such as information status recognition, indirect anaphora resolution and coreference resolution. She is also interested in computational argumentation and information extraction. Before joining IBM, she was a Postdoc researcher at the department of Computational Linguistics at Heidelberg University where she worked on information extraction across sentence boundaries and sentiment analysis in poems. Yufang completed her PhD at Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) on unrestricted bridging resolution and she developed algorithms for bridging anaphora recognition as well as antecedent selection. Her PhD was funded by the Research Training Group Coherence in Language Processing at Heidelberg University.
Dr Marta Marques University College London

Dr Marta Marques

University College London

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Marta is a Research Associate at UCL working on this project. She obtained her PhD in Health Psychology from Leiden University, in 2015. She is a chartered clinical and health psychologist. Prior to joining UCL, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Lisbon where she collaborated in various projects focusing on the motivational and self-regulation processes underlying health behaviour change and its applications to complex behaviour change interventions (e.g. H2020 funded project “NoHoW: Evidence-based ICT tools for weight loss maintenance”), and at the University of Newcastle (project “Formative evaluation of the early phases of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Program”). Marta is a member of the European Health Psychology Society Executive Committee, Associate Editor of the Health Psychology Bulletin, and co-editor-in-chief of Psychology, Community & Health. Her research focuses on applying health behaviour change theories to develop and evaluate complex interventions targeting a range of health behaviours (e.g. physical activity), in the self-regulation and motivational processes underlying health behaviour change, and methods for the development of the science of behaviour change.
Candice Moore University College London

Candice Moore

University College London

Candice Moore is the Research Administrator at UCL helping to support and facilitate the work of the Human Behaviour-Change Project Team. Previously she has worked as an administrator for a variety of research projects in developmental psychology, including a large-scale educational intervention, within the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development at Birkbeck, University of London.

Candice is also completing a master’s degree in Cognitive and Decision Sciences within the Brain Sciences department at UCL.
Dr Emma Norris University College London

Dr Emma Norris

University College London

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Emma is a Research Associate at UCL working on this project. Her PhD, completed at UCL, involved the development and testing of behaviour change interventions to integrate physical activity into primary school teaching. She has research experience in systematic reviews and mixed-methods intervention evaluation. She is interested in using health psychology theory and principles to improve a broad range of public health issues, with specific interests in physical activity and technological interventions.
Dr Patrick O'Driscoll University College London

Dr Patrick O'Driscoll

University College London

Patrick is a senior programmer at the EPPI-Centre, UCL Institute of Education. He is working on the new version of EPPI Reviewer software, ER5.

Previously Patrick worked within the finance industry building web applications for fund managers and quantitative analysts.

He has extensive experience within the commercial and academic sectors and a PhD in Financial Optimisation and has published in this area.
Dr Alison O’Mara-Eves University College London - Institute of Education

Dr Alison O’Mara-Eves

University College London - Institute of Education

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Dr Alison O’Mara-Eves is a Senior Researcher the EPPI-Centre, UCL Institute of Education.

Alison’s broad specialism is systematic review methods. There are two main strands within this theme: (1) developing and testing synthesis methods, with a particular interest in quantitative synthesis including statistical meta-analysis, and (2) evaluating the use of emerging text mining techniques for facilitating the production of systematic reviews. She also teaches Masters-level and short courses on research synthesis methods.

Alison’s has worked on over 30 systematic reviews and evidence syntheses across a range of topics. Her substantive interests primarily relate to social psychology, education, and public health. She is particularly interested in self-perceptions, wellbeing, and interventions for behaviour change.
Paulina Schenk University College London

Paulina Schenk

University College London

Paulina is a PhD Student, working with the Human Behaviour Change Project (HBCP). Her current research supports the development of a pilot ontology for mechanisms of action (MoAs; i.e. processes, mediating the influence of behaviour change techniques on behavioural outcomes) based on the behaviour change theories. The pilot ontology will be used to identify and iteratively annotate MoAs in published behaviour change interventions to develop automated information extraction algorithms. Moving forward, Paulina will continue to study BCT-MoA-behaviour links, with respect to the context of behaviour change interventions.

Before joining the HBCP team, Paulina completed a BSc (Hons) in Psychology at UCL in 2016, and earned a MSc in Risk, Economy and Society at the LSE in 2017.
Gaurav Singh University College London

Gaurav Singh

University College London

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Gaurav Singh is a full-time PhD candidate in the field of machine learning in the dept. of Computer Science at University College, London. He is focused on bringing efficiency to the task of biomedical text retrieval and annotation using machine learning and artificial intelligence. His research includes using deep learning models trained on small labelled set, to summarise and annotate medical documents to save time and human effort.
Gillian Stokes University College London - Institute of Education

Gillian Stokes

University College London - Institute of Education

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Gillian is a Research Officer and systematic reviewer at UCL, Institute of Education. Her expertise in public health is founded on a career spanning media and communications, health care practice and public health research. She has four years’ experience in academia working on health related systematic reviews, stakeholder involvement in health related primary research and systematic reviews. Gillian has a research interest in accessibility to and the methods used to communicate health related information through the use of online methods. Further, how particular groups access and use online information, in particular social media, and its impact on health decisions and behaviours. Her research specialism is public involvement in health research with a particular interest in children’s participation in pharmaceutical and dental research and has a keen interest in developing involvement methods for stakeholders.
Dr Alison Wright University College London

Dr Alison Wright

University College London

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Dr Alison Wright is a Senior Research Associate, leading the team of behavioural science researchers working on the Human Behaviour Change project. Her research interests focus on applying psychological science to develop and evaluate behaviour change interventions. She has worked on a diverse range of topics, including treatment adherence, health care utilisation, physical activity after stroke and preventing occupational dermatitis in nurses

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